dave madden, record producer

An accomplished record producer, Dave Madden is at home in the recording studio environment. The breadth and depth of his skill sets makes him a valuable asset on any project.

"Berklee capabilities, Austin sensibilities, and just the right amount of irreverence to marry the two. Dave is my first call whether I've written the part or not." 
Corey Witt, Los Angeles, CA 

"Dave Madden has been a joy to work with at our studio, EAR. He plays with confidence, versatility, and musicality. In other words, Dave plays like he means it!" 
Stephen Doster, Owner/Producer, East Austin Recording

"I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Dave on-stage and in various musical projects for over 17 years. We’ve recorded records together, played countless stages and even worked on musical team-building experiences together and it seemed only natural to take the next step and invite him to sit in the producer chair.  We selected two songs that would not only showcase Dave’s fine-tuned skills as a producer, but also his talents as an arranger. After I shared my vision for each song, he brought two magnificent, elegant and moving string arrangements to the table and proceeded to lead the team in bringing masterful performances to the recordings. He’s professional, a natural leader with wonderful communication skills and a creative vision that he’s fully committed to seeing to its completion. To top it off, he’s funny, personable and laid back, all while being incredibly detail oriented and disciplined in his work. It’s been such a joy and it won’t be the last time I work with Dave in this capacity!"
Wendy Colonna, Austin, TX

Check out the recordings below for examples of the many styles and genres that Dave has produced. 

Artist: Wendy Colonna

Project Title: This Precious Love

Dave produced this beautiful gem of a song, creating a lush string arrangement and playing several of the instruments in studio. 


Artist: Wendy Colonna 

Project Title: Make Your Way

Dave produced this beautiful gem of a song, creating a lush string arrangement and playing several of the instruments in studio.  


Artist: David Messier

Project Title: Television Is Better Than Love

Dave Madden produced David Messier's expansive, captivating album "Time Bomb", including "Television Is Better Than Love", the record's first single. 

Paste Magazine premiered the video, lauding its "catchy, generally carefree rhythm" that "creates a quirky and infectious track." 

Artist: Mr Linen

Project Title: "Mr. Linen"

Famous Austin radio DJ John Aielli says some really amazing shit. One fateful day, Dave Madden was playing live in KUTX 98.9 FM’s Studio 1A, when John improvised this verbal gem:

“In his linen outfit, he’s wearing linen pants, linen vest, linen scarf — he’s Mr. Linen.”

This set in motion a chain of events that certainly helped to "Keep Austin Weird". John's words led to a song; the song led to a video starring dancing girls and a puppy; the video led to a rooftop white linen party sponsored by KUTX at the beautiful Hotel Van Zandt; and all of it led to the permanent formation of Mr. Linen, a music production team of Dave Madden, David Messier and Andre Cantave.