Voted Best Arranger at the AMP Austin Music Industry Awards, Dave Madden excels in a wide variety of musical arranging, composition, notation and charting. Whether you need professional charts for your band, a full symphony score, or anything in between, Dave Madden can arrange it.

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dave madden behind-the-scenes arranging for strings

Dave Madden behind-the-scenes arranging for big band

Dave's original score for Buster Keaton's "The High Sign"

"When i returned from rome" - an a cappella composition for four female voices

Click the SoundCloud player to the right to hear Dave Madden's orchestral composition, Thy Strong Word. 

Read music? Great! Click the score below to view and download Dave's full score for Thy Strong Word. 


Nothing saves time, money and unnecessary frustration like good, clean, detailed charts (and musicians who can read them). Dave has transcribed thousands of songs, and knows exactly what to include in a chart to make your music come across as fully professional. 

Horn Section Arrangements

A big band needs a big sound, and that means horns! Horn section arranging is a nuanced and tricky skill. A good arranger takes into account an instrument's range, note length, breath space, and player fatigue. 

String Quartet Arrangements

For wedding ceremonies, sacred celebrations and meaningful moments, you can't go wrong with a string quartet.