Dave plays in other bands too

When a project requires more than just musical expertise, when it requires a broad range of disciplines, a vast network of capable contacts, coordination between multiple moving parts and the real-life experience needed to avoid Murphy's Law, you need a Music Director. A capable "M.D." will see the forest, and the trees, taking into account everything from the personality of the musicians he hires to the electrical grounding of the power outlets on stage. When you want something done right, you hire a good MD.

Dave as sideman for david Messier

Dave as Music Director for Amy Edwards

Dave as sideman for John Pointer

"Dave has not only been a blast to work and perform with, but he also proved to be incredibly competent and beyond adept at facilitating all the moving parts of what I needed done: charting, working out background vocals and arranging, helping me find the right members for my band, coordinating practices, and the list goes on..... I consider myself so lucky to have found someone so talented and cool. I love Dave!"

-Amy Edwards, recording artist