Dave madden, music theorist

To the majority of musicians, music theory is a boring waste of time, an unnecessary part of music to be at best tolerated and at worst loathed. But for Dave and the very few others like him, music theory is the very language and essence of all music, and should be championed, celebrated and shared. In addition to Dave’s TED Talk about music theory, this page contains various theory-related thoughts and concepts.

Music Theory TED Talk

Click the image below to watch Dave's full TED Talk on music theory entitled "Down the Rabbit Hole: Beyond the Borders of Our Passion".

Summer Peach and Tomato Salad with C♭ and E♯

Dave slices and dices both food and oft-misunderstood concepts. Watch this video to gain a firm understanding of mysterious C♭ and E♯.

Major/Minor Tonalities in Game of Thrones and House of Cards

The Facebook Live video below provides a music theory perspective on the major/minor key tonalities of Game of Thrones and House of Cards.