"Behold!" Music Bundle
  • "Behold!" Music Bundle
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“Behold!” is a modern Christmas hymn written and produced by Dave Madden.

Music Bundle includes:

Hymnal Sheet | Piano | Lead Sheet (Vocal melody, lyrics and chords) | Choir / Background Vocals | Rhythm Section (Drums, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards) | Rhythm Section (Capo 1) | Flute | Tenor Sax | Trumpet 1 | Trumpet 2 | Trombone | Violin I | Violin II | Cello | Chimes / Tubular Bells | Glockenspiel | Timpani

This one-time purchase authorizes each institution (a school, church, etc.) for unlimited use of all included music. Print and share as many copies as you need. Other institutions should purchase this bundle separately.

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